My name is

Technical Communicator

Everything I do is based on one #Simple philosophy: People who and companies that communicate in a #Simple way prosper. That's because their messages reach and resonate with more people, more quickly.

My philosophy is #Simple.

Employees and stakeholders, customers and potential customers, suppliers and other key people understand what you want them to do and how doing so will benefit them.

When you communicate simply, there also is a greater chance that more people outside of your target audience learn what you do and may begin to think about how you and your products can help them. Your messages are also more likely to be multiplied via the traditional media and on social media.

When more people understand you and your products and what they can help them achieve, it's a win-win situation for everyone.

#Simple is unparalleled for text. Articles and user guides benefit from #Simple communication because people can more quickly and easily understand their main ideas and goals.