About me
20 Years of Experience in International Financial Markets

I lived through the electronic trading revolution and know how to approach disruptive change

Advanced Education

I earned my Masters Degree from the London School of Economics in 1997 and my Bachelors from Bryn Mawr College in 1996


As an expat in Germany, I have perspective on why effective communication is essential - to thrive versus survive

Knowledge Translation

I translate complex topics into approachable language so that your customers, staff and stakeholders understand your value proposition

Content Marketing

I generate #Simple, concrete ideas that interest your customers


As a published author and contributing writer, I know how to tell a good story

4 Languages

I am a native English speaker, fluent in German and Spanish and speak basic Italian. I know first-hand the challenges of communicating in a foreign language

Communication 4.0

I believe that companies need Communication 4.0 to get the most out of their Industry 4.0 digitalization efforts. If no one knows what you've done to become digital, they won't know how they can benefit

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Simple works. Simple is better. Simple works better.