Top reasons
to work with me

You'll get great results and have fun

You will learn serious lessons - and have fun at the same time. 

Why is fun so important? When you have fun, you're motivated and energized to start trying new skills. Plus, you're not nervous or intimidated. 

As a Design Thinker and trainer, I am passionate about:

  • helping you discover and nourish your own communication superpower
  • helping you create a mindset of growth 
  • creating a space that helps you learn, experiment and grow
  • designing lessons that let you immediately test out new concepts and repeat the process iteratively

The younger workforce LIKES to work this way. If you're young, or working with younger employees, my approach will benefit you especially. 


You don't need to explain your business
  • Clients praise my ability to quickly understand their real-work environments and quickly adapt lessons + training exercises to fit real-life situations
  • I am genuinenly intellectually interested in your work
  • Working with intellectualy demanding subject matter experts is my specialty
  • I have experienced the same real workplace communication challenges that you face
  • I worked 15+ years for blue-chips and startups in the financial services industry
You benefit from my blended skills

My lifelong love of learning directly benefits you. I worked hard to build a range of skills that I blend in my training and coaching to give people like you a competitive advantage in communication. I'm putting my learning journey to work for you. 

  • I'm a trained innovation coach
  • I ran the marketing and communications department for an international company
  • I developed blended learning programs
  • I wrote a non-fiction book about innovation in financial technology and got it published

My key skills:

Communication skills / Design Thinking / Visual Thinking / Solution-Focused coaching / Knowledge transfer / Technical Communication / Native English speaker Fluent in German and Spanish / Strong intercultural skills

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