Baseball Small Talk: A Home Run

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German soccer player-turned coach, Franz Beckenbauer famously said, “Football is one of the world’s best means of communication…. [It] unites people around the word every day....[1]” But he was only partially right. 

Baseball, not soccer, is the US sport of choice. But the spirit of The Kaiser’s words rings true. People around the world love all kinds of sports, and talking about sports is an easy way to start a conversation and establish a common ground. When you say to someone from Chicago, “Is the legend of the Billy Goat[2] really true?” you are sure to get a lively response - and show that you’ve done your homework!

You can hit a home run with your US customers and coworkers by taking the time to learn about our national pastime.

Surprise and delight us with some baseball small talk! It’s a great relationship builder.  We’ll be flattered that you made the effort.

If you don’t know what it means to “hit a home run” or you’d like to learn more about baseball, then you may want to purchase an easy-to-read guide like this.

[1] "Why Soccer Unites the World? - Infogram, Charts & Infographics." Why Soccer Unites the World? - Infogram, Charts & Infographics. N.p., n.d. Web. 27 July 2016. <>.

[2] The Legend of the Billy Goat claims that a Greek man brought his goat to the Cubs baseball stadium, called Wrigley Field. When his goat was denied entrance, he cursed the team. Since that fateful day, the Cubs have not won a championship. This year (as of today, July 27, 2016) the Cubs are having an excellent year!

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