Industry 4.0: What's in it for Me?

5 minute read

You are committed to Industry 4.0 because it will make you stronger, more agile and efficient. You have carefully considered your investments. You've likely also considered how to communicate the sometimes disruptive changes that digitalization brings to your employees. But have you considered how you will communicate those changes to your #1 customer?

Your customers want to know what you have done to make yourself better, faster, stronger. But what they really want you to do is tell them how these changes will concretely benefit them. Faster delivery times, more precise quality control, lower costs and increased flexibility with 3D printing and more.

Industry 4.0, a concept that originated in Germany, promises to drive value for companies and customers around the world. But unless you talk about the changes you've made or are making, no one will know. It's like the old saying, "If a tree falls in the forest and no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound?" An emphatic NO in this case. 

Companies need to talk to ALL of their customers about their digitalization efforts. So what is different about how companies need to address their US-American customers?

German companies should adopt an "it's all about you" approach. Instead of detailing what measures they have taken and explaining them from a technological standpoint, they should focus on telling US-American customers what they can DO with new features. 

Industry 4.0 has instant marketing appeal in the US, a nation that is collectively crazy about Tech. Your customers want you to get them excited, and with a Tech message, it’s easy! Your job is to motivate them to utilize your new bells and whistles. Highlight current problems they have and demonstrate how they will be solved by your improvements. Remember, simple messages work best.

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© / Maciej Bledowski